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Digital Course Outlines

The Digital Course Outline website provides detailed and timely information to assist students in their selection of courses.

Teachers can visit: to view and edit their Course Outlines.

Digital Course Outline process

Staff can edit and publish DCOs. Students can view them in Canvas.

Dr Lindsay Diggelmann (Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning – Faculty of Arts) outlines the benefits of Digital Course outlines and how to complete them.


If you are facing technical issues with the DCO platform, please raise a ticket with Staff Service Centre on ext. 86000 or +64 9 923 6000 or .

If you notice incorrect information within a DCO that you are unable to edit (e.g., course title, course prescription, points, pre-requisites etc.), these fields are not editable because they must go through an amendment process since they are published to the calendar. To have these changed, please follow the described by the .

Roles and permissions

An overview of roles and permissions
Add Course Director Add editor Edit Approve Publish View dashboard
Course Director Yes * Yes
Approver (HoD) Yes Yes Yes
Publisher (Assoc Dean) Yes Yes Yes
Group Services Yes Yes Yes

* The Course Director can add additional editors to the assigned course outline.


The Course Director will be the default editor to populate the online form in each course and can add other staff to assist with the process. Some of the form will be pre-populated (from University Calendar), while other fields will require input. When the Editors in a course are ready, they can submit the form for approval.



The relevant Academic Head or their delegate will approve the information for each course and can request revisions as required.



The Associate Dean (or delegate) will publish the courses and can track the Faculty’s progress in preparing the course outlines using the ‘Dashboard’.


Group Services

Group Services can view progress of the faculty or department using the ‘Dashboard’. Group Services staff can also add editors and update Course Director and Programme details for course outlines.

There is also a report function available to Group Services to generate a report summary of all courses.

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Page updated 13/02/2024 (updated link Graduate Profile)

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