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Generative AI

What does the use of Gen-AI mean for us in learning and teaching?

The sudden sophistication of generative AI tools and their utility has surprised many of us, even skeptics. ChatGPT4 can produce increasingly elaborate essays, DALL-E 3 creates artwork from a simple prompt, and Sora renders video from text. But these outputs are not exempt from bias, distortion or fabrication. Despite these concerns, the potential of AI is undeniable. Industries are scrambling to hire skilled graduates who can utilise AI ethically, to boost efficiency and unlock a competitive advantage.

So whether we like it or not, Gen-AI is shifting how we learn, work, and play. As educators, let’s take the opportunity to explore this technology and harness its potential for teaching and learning.

Generative AI in coursework

Guidelines for teachers and instructions to students relating to the use of ChatGPT and other Gen-AI tools.

Examples of incorporating generative AI into teaching

Our colleagues have shared their ideas on how we might leverage Gen-AI tools for coursework and assessment tasks.

Academic honesty declaration

A template for adding an academic integrity statement to your assessment activities, including suggestions on the permitted use of software.

Gen-AI Usage Standard

The Standard is applicable to all members of the University, to ensure safe, ethical, and legal use of Gen-AI tools and services.

See also

UoA support for navigating Gen-AI

A webinar hosted by the Academic Integrity CoP was held on 12 June 2023. You can read the questions (PDF) that were asked during the webinar.

Video: Practical AI for instructors & students

A five-part video guide exploring the breakthrough and growth of AI (the disruption, ethics, and bias).

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