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Ranga Auaha Ako | Learning and Teaching Design Team

Ranga Auaha Ako works in partnership with faculties and other professional service units to purposefully plan and design high quality, inclusive learning experiences.

About us

Ranga Auaha Ako is part of the University’s Education Office. We are a cross-functional team of learning designers, application specialists, software developers and educational technologists who believe in the value of designing for learning. We work at different scales – on projects at the university and faculty-level, on programme and course design and on smaller projects that might involve redesigning an element of a course. From 2023 onwards much of our work will be focussed on supporting the Curriculum Framework Transformation project.

TeachWell Consult

We talk teaching! If you would like to explore:

  • Assessment design
  • Making digital learning decisions
  • Course design
  • Relational learning strategies
  • Writing learning outcomes
  • Accessibility or Canvas baseline practices
  • Other aspects of your teaching practice

We offer up to three hours of consultation time with an experienced learning designer from Ranga Auaha Ako. Consider using this time to explore ideas and potential in your current teaching practice.

Our Learning designers can partner with you as a critical friend or supportive colleague to delve into your current teaching challenge.

How does it work?

  • Raise a service request through the TeachWell Consult portal.
  • One of our team will be in touch within 48 hours to book an initial chat so that we can better understand your context and specific requirement.
  • From there, we can arrange further meetings as required, up to a total of three hours.

Contact us

Ranga Auaha Ako
The University of Auckland
Level 3, Fisher International Building
18 Waterloo Quadrant
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

We also partner with faculty’s Curriculum Development Managers on large scale strategic projects.

Curriculum Development Managers

Our approach is


We will work alongside you and guide you through a design process to co-create rewarding, inclusive and sustainable student learning experiences. We will ask supportive and sometimes challenging questions about your approaches to teaching. Through building reciprocity, will help you get closer to achieving your teaching and learning goals.



We will help you to design new and existing programmes and courses, according to your needs. Through relationship-building and whanaungatanga, we will discuss your pedagogical intentions and explore how learning design can make impactful changes to the staff and student experience. We will focus on Universal Design for Learning principles, which include making plans for a diverse student community through:

  • Creating opportunities for active and relational learning.
  • Designing authentic assessments and new approaches to feedback.
  • Exploring how technologies can create rich blended learning experiences.



We maintain awareness of emerging trends and good practice in education and curriculum design. We will help you incorporate evidence-based approaches into the design and development of your programme or course. We can also link you to resources and networks for further professional development.

Our team

Stephanie Reid
Senior Learning Designer, Team Lead

Dr Lisa Uperesa

Bernd Martin
Senior Learning Designer, Team Lead

Rowan Herbert
Senior Learning Designer, Team Lead

Dr Lisa Uperesa

Dr Steve Leichtweis
Head of Elearning Group

Dr Lisa Uperesa

Dr Alison Li
Learning Technologist

Anne McKay
Learning Designer

Craig Housley
Senior Application Specialist

Delwyn Holder
Learning Designer

Dennis Yeung
Learning Technologist

Dr Lisa Uperesa

Heera Kim
Learning Designer

Helena Kim
Business Support Lead

Irish Perez-Faiz
Learning Technologist

Jacqui Thornley
Learning Designer

James Hamill
Learning Technologist

Jenna Wilkins
Learning Designer

Kaoru Kodama
Learning Technologist

Kay Harrison
Learning Designer

Kyla Osborne
Learning Technologist

Lisa Ransom
Learning Designer

Lynette Leong
Learning Designer

Megan Byrnes
Learning Technologist

Dr Melissa McMinn
Learning Designer

Dr Merle Hearns
Learning Designer

Michelle Yao

Mojan Mosavat
Learning Designer

Nicola Paton
Learning Designer

Nicoletta Rata-Skudder
Learning Designer

Dr Nigel Gearing
Learning Designer

Peni Kamakorewa
Learning Designer

Dr Richey Wyver
Learning Designer

Samuel Joe
Learning Designer

Sarah Kirk
Learning Designer

Sarah Wang
Learning Designer

Scott Schutte
Learning Technologist

Sue Tickner
Learning Designer

Sumia Quazi
Learning Designer

Tony Chung
Application Specialist

Wen-Chen Hol
Education Software Developer

Xiaowei Ding
Learning Designer

Dr Yihan Wu
Learning Technologist

Zac Miller-Waugh
Education Software Developer

Our projects

Here is a sample of our projects. Detailed descriptions coming soon.


Global History

Law courses enhancement


Inclusive practices for Neurodiversity


Contemporary Music Culture


Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa/Pacific Worlds

Latin 201/301

Latin Literary Texts


Introduction to Photographic Practice

Rethinking Assessment

A guide for assessment design

MUS 103

Music Fundamentals

Academic Integrity

Course refresh


Multidisciplinary Learning Spaces


Ko Wai Tātou? Who Are We?

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