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Google Workspace

Google Workspace supports these learning types (see definitions):

Google Workspace is a platform for communicating and collaborating on group projects, comprising popular tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Chat, Slides etc. Documents are accessed from anywhere using Google’s cloud storage (Google Drive) and sharing documents with co-authors enables collaboration and shared ownership.

Who can use Google Workspace?

The University holds an enterprise license for staff and students, which is available through your Google University account. Your account username is:, e.g.,

Use Google Workspace online

Use Google apps online through Google Drive. Here it is easy to create new documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, forms and more.

In order to collaborate with your colleagues or class, log in with your University of Auckland account (linked with University Single Sign-On). When prompted, enter your email address as:

Log in to Google Drive

* Note: this email address is different from your University-provided Microsoft Office email address.

Install Google Drive app

Similar to Microsoft’s OneDrive, documents can be synchronised to a nominated folder on your desktop computer using the Google Drive app. This feature is optional.

Download the Google Drive app

Q. Why would I want the app?
A. Ease of use.
Dragging files into the folder will upload a copy to the Cloud. Microsoft Office documents can also be uploaded and used with Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, though some Office features may be lost in the conversion process.

How-to guides

How much storage do I have?

Google is no longer providing unlimited storage for educational institutions. During 2022, the University will implement storage limits to achieve a 1GB quota per staff member or student. This must be achieved by 1 October 2023.

If you use Google Drive for teaching and learning and the level of storage proposed will not meet your needs, contact Researchers might consider requesting another cloud storage service – Dropbox for research.

Read more about changes to Google Drive storage.

Upon leaving the University

You will retain your staff or student Gmail account for continued access to your email. However, all documents stored within your Google Drive account will be deleted. Make sure to move your documents to another storage provider within three months of leaving the University.

Page added 02/12/2022 (added tutorial link to GCFGlobal)

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