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Camera use in Zoom

Cameras on in Zoom?

Camera use in Zoom can help develop a sense of learner community, and non-verbal cues from students allows teachers to adjust their approach. But it can quickly become the norm for students to leave them off as they follow the example of others1. Creating a camera-on ‘norm’ may be as simple as encouraging their use, though there are reasons why it should not be mandatory.

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Note: If your students are not disadvantaged by their time zone, nor internet connectivity, live-streaming lectures may be appropriate. However, always provide a recording of the session to mitigate technical issues and for accessibility.

This webinar explores the reasons why students may have their cameras off, when and why cameras may be appropriate and suggestions for encouraging their use.

Page updated 13/06/2023 (minor edit)

  1. Terada, Y. (2021, February 5). The Camera-On/Camera-Off Dilemma. Edutopia.
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