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Constructive Failure series

A series of teaching stories highlighting the importance of lessons learned from productive failures

Failing constructively in teaching isn’t always a dead end, it can be a detour that enriches our learning journey.

About the series

In our Constructive Failure series, we embrace the full spectrum of teaching experiences, including those moments that don’t go as planned. Each story is a heartfelt reflection on the realities of teaching, offering a space for educators to share and learn from each other’s ‘productive failures.’

This series isn’t just about the missteps, but about the courage to try new approaches, the resilience to bounce back, and the wisdom gained from these experiences. It’s an homage to the human aspect of teaching, where we redefine ‘success’ through our challenges and view each failure as a catalyst for growth.

By discussing our less-than-perfect moments, we destigmatise ‘failure’, encouraging a culture of reflection, experimentation, and growth.
Join us in this empathetic journey, as we uncover the valuable lessons hidden in the trials of teaching.

Our stories

Staff from around the University share stories of how mistakes and even ‘epic fails’ have inspired change for the better. More stories coming soon!

Constructive Failure story: Exam day chaos 

Constructive Failure story: Exam day chaos 

Kicking off our ‘Constructive Failure’ series, we begin with a tale of a celebrated teacher whose momentary irritation triggered a significant blunder, followed by a lesson in humility and grace. 

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