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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports these learning types (see definitions):


MS Teams is Microsoft’s hub for teamwork, providing tools for communication (discussions and chat), collaboration (shared folders, documents and workspaces), and projects (Team spaces, collaborative editing, and productivity apps).

Teams connects with tools such as Office 365, OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage technology), SharePoint for document sharing, and other productivity tools including Planner, Tasks, Calendar, OneNote and more.

Who can use Teams?

The University holds an enterprise license for staff and students, which is available through your Office 365 University account. Your account username is:, e.g.,

Use MS Teams online

Teams can be accessed via a web browser.

In order to collaborate with your colleagues or class, log in with your University of Auckland account (linked with University Single Sign-On). When prompted, enter your email address as:

Log in directly to Teams

* Note: this email address is different from your University Google email address.

Install Teams app

Installing the Teams app to your work or home computer, or mobile device, arguably provides a better experience than using the app via your web browser.

Installation instructions for staff:


Installation instructions for students

How-to guides

From the University of Auckland

Introducing Teams
Guidelines for using Teams


Too many communication tools? Find out where Teams fits in.

From Microsoft

MS Teams support

From the University of Technology, Sydney

Teams vs Zoom: a comparison chart

Finding help

(for MS Teams on a University-supplied computer)

Microsoft support options

* The University does not provide IT support for personal computers.

Upon leaving the University

Once a month the software checks that you are still affiliated with the University (staff or student). Upon leaving the University you will lose access to your UoA Teams account, including any information that you have stored there.

Page updated 19/10/2023 (added link to breakout rooms and comparison chart)

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