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Resources for teaching

Pre-semester checklist

A checklist that can help teachers prepare for teaching.

Generative AI

What does the use of Gen-AI mean for us in learning and teaching?

Academic integrity

Guides to incorporate principles of academic integrity into your teaching.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL is a framework for designing learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Design for accessibility

Checking the accessibility of teaching materials ensures that we are supporting the success of all students.

Canvas baseline practices

Adopting baseline practices for Canvas ensures a more consistent and accessible student learning experience.

Assessment design

Ideas to develop students’ higher order thinking and transferrable skills, guides to creating assessment tasks, marking, feedback and more.

Student engagement

Canvas tools and strategies for communication and collaboration online.

Students studying remotely

Questions for teachers about supporting students studying off campus.

Students with disabilities

Find out how to identify students with disabilities through your Faculty Access Portal.

Recording teaching materials

How to record videos and upload them to Canvas.

Streaming live lectures

Streaming live lectures compliments lecture theatre recordings.

Additional resources

Copyright at Auckland

Advice for staff and students about the use of copyright materials in coursework and teaching.

Rainbow-friendly teaching

Self-paced course on providing safe, inclusive and equitable learning spaces for rainbow students and preparing all students to live and work in diverse communities.


Policy Hub

The Policy Hub provides key relevant policies relating to (among other things) learning and teaching, academic conduct and quality, assessment, and postgraduate research.

Learning and teaching quality assurance

Find out about the the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework, and timeframes around programme planning, audits and reviews.

Page updated 22/05/2024 (added students with disabilities)

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