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Canvas Analytics

Analytics displays current class performance and engagement. Learn how to view analytics data in Canvas.

New Analytics in Canvas

Access New Analytics from the button in the course Home Page. The Analytics data is refreshed every 24 hours so it will not show the latest data.

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Key areas within the new Canvas Analytics

Course grade average

You can compare the course average with an individual assignment, course section, or student filter using the chart graph comparison or data table comparison.

  • Click the Assignment ‘dot’ or Quiz ‘dot’ to view the grades distribution and number of missing/late submissions.
  • From the Average Course Grade, teachers can quickly message students who were missing/late or achieved specific criteria (e.g., 0% to 50%).
Clicking the Quiz dot opens a popup with a message students button
  • You can filter students by adding ‘sections’ (e.g., L01, B02, T03 etc.).*
  • Teachers in the course can message students based on criteria within the section.
Adding sections to the analytics display filters students by section

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Weekly online activity

You can view average weekly online participation analytics as an interactive chart graph or a data table.

Compare the course average weekly online participation analytics with an individual student or section using the chart graph comparison or data table comparison.

  • Use the filter by adding ‘sections’ (e.g., L01, B02, T03 etc.).*
Weekly online activity graph can also be filtered by student sections
  • Click the coloured dots to view engagement activity by section.
  • Participations includes submitted quiz, added to a discussion etc.
A view of page views and participation for each student

Grade and participation

View stats for each students from the students tab (can be filtered by sections)

* Section codes in Canvas were heavily used in 2020 – 2023 to identify students who were studying offshore and remotely. Several of these codes may no longer be applicable, however there are still exceptions where students are approved to study remotely. Standard section codes are described on the Sections and Groups in Canvas page.

Page updated 13/06/2023 (minor edit)

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