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Three educational anchor points—relational learning, assessment for learning, and technology enhanced learning—are reflected in a set of pedagogical practices and experiences that aim to transform teaching and learning at the University of Auckland.

Signature pedagogical practices

Relational learning

Developing communities and cohorts of learning is scaffolded through appropriate learning environments, collaborative practices and relevant learning experiences.

Assessment for learning

This recasts assessment as learning, shifting the focus from end-point testing. Here we judge students’ abilities to meet learning outcomes in situations where they will be applied.

Technology enhanced learning

TEL supports a wide variety of teaching modes from blended and flexible learning, multimodal teaching to local and distance students, and online or face-to-face learning.

The Curriculum Framework Transformation Hub provides deeper context into how the taumata, graduate profile and Curriculum Framework areas of change come together to deliver a distinctive University of Auckland experience.

Three students testing a car's electrical systems

Indigenous pedagogies

Relational learning is central to Indigenous pedagogies which promote a holistic view of learning that envisions people and place as intrinsically and reciprocally interrelated. Fundamental to Indigenous pedagogies is the nature of the relation that underpins the learning, where relational learning is values based and respects diverse ways of knowing, being and doing.

Kaupapa Māori pedagogies

Kaupapa Māori pedagogies in teaching and learning is underpinned by Māori values and reflect Māori preferred practices.

Kaupapa Māori pedagogies

Discussing new provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020, the Ministry of Education (2021) notes:

“As a partner to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Crown has a duty to actively promote and protect Tiriti rights and to develop education settings in a way that reflects Māori-Crown relationships.”

The Curriculum Framework Transformation (CFT) working group Pūtoi Ako describe kaupapa Māori pedagogies as teaching and learning underpinned by Māori values and reflecting Māori preferred practices. For more information, see Kaupapa Māori pedagogies.

Page updated 13/01/2023

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