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5. Accessibility and copyright

Following accessibility and copyright best practices creates an inclusive learning experience and protects intellectual property.

Use this guide to find resources for identifying and resolving accessibility issues, and for appropriately using third-party content under copyright.


Accessibility involves designing digital content that is usable for all students, including those with disabilities. Copyright compliance ensures proper use of third party material.


Addressing accessibility and copyright:

  • Meets legal and ethical obligations for inclusion
  • Allows assistive technologies to properly decode content
  • Enables participation by diverse learners
  • Avoids potential copyright violations
  • Models principled academic practices
  • Protects ownership rights over creative work

Implementation checklist

Use the checklist below to track your progress

Key resources

Exploring the Components

Below is a further breakdown of the different parts of this Canvas Baseline Practice. Included are interactive annotated examples.


Use the navigation to work through sections 5.1 – 5.4


Page updated 22/05/2024 (minor edit)

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