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Assessment design and security

The requirements and principles of assessment are outlined in the Assessment (coursework, tests and examinations) policy and procedures.

About assessment

Design assessments to promote higher-order thinking.

Assessment for learning

Rethinking assessments designed to prepare students for their future.

Generative AI tools in coursework

Information and instructions to students relating to the use of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools.

Designing online assessment tasks

Suggestions for redesigning traditional in-class assessment tasks for online delivery.

Canvas Quiz and Assignment

Canvas Quizes and Assignments can be used for both formative or summative modes of assessment.

Tests and exams

Assistance in the design and delivery of tests and examinations.

Marking and grading

Using rubrics, Canvas SpeedGrader and Inspera Grader.

Feedback tools

Ways of providing feedback for assessments.

Page updated 17/07/2023 (removed link to Education Office AI bulletin)

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