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Canvas LTI tools

LTI means Learning Tools Interoperability, enabling third party tools to integrate with Canvas.

LTI NamePurposeAvailability
TurnitinOne of the most widely distributed educational applications in the world, Turnitin is the most effective online technology used to manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student papers online.

The company’s online service for originality checking, interactive grading and peer review, allows instructors to deliver rich, personalised feedback in less time, encouraging notably higher levels of student engagement.
TalisEmbed Talis Aspire Reading Lists in your courses. We make it simple to create and manage resource lists that integrate fully with your current systems. You can embed either whole resource lists or sections from a resource list to support modular courses.UoA
PiazzaPiazza is a new style of discussion/Q&A site with a focus on educational institutions. This integration adds a link to the course navigation for Piazza discussions, and auto-logs the user into the course discussions area.UoA
TwitterEmbed lists of recent tweets or individual tweets from Twitter. Lists can be derived from search results, or from a user’s twitter feed.
YouTubeSearch publicly available YouTube videos. A new icon will show up in your course rich editor letting you search YouTube and click to embed videos in your course material.UoA
VimeoVimeo is a video sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. The community of Vimeo includes indie, professional, and novice filmmakers. The Vimeo LTI tool lets users search for and embed videos into course content.UoA
Redirect ToolAdd links to external web resources that show up as navigation items in course, user or account navigation. Whatever URL you specify is loaded within the content pane when users click the link.UoA
MacMillan LearningMacmillan Learning offers deep content integration between its LaunchPad products and Canvas. This robust integration creates direct links from a Canvas course into the Macmillan LaunchPad environment. UoA
Anthology (formerly Chalk & Wire)Anthology provides ePortfolio, Assessment and Data Analysis Tools that can be used to help improve the student learning experience.Only Medical and Health Sciences
ZoomSchedule Zoom meetings directly in Canvas. Students will receive an Inbox message. The meeting will also be added to the Course Calendar.UoA
UoA ToolboxThis tool is enabled on the account level and needs to be enabled from the Navigation option first for each course.

The purpose of the UoA Toolbox is to host a varieties of custom reports as well as custom tools that have been produced and made available to either UoA staff or student.
UoA Lecture Theatre RecordingsAll lectures delivered in recording-enabled rooms will be recorded and released to students in the Recordings LTI. UoA
Grade Submission ToolApply must pass rules and DNS grades before sending students final grades from Canvas to CS9.UoA
UoA Assignment Cover SheetLets students generate their own assignment coversheets with all their information automatically filled in.UoA
SETStudents evaluate the quality of University of Auckland teaching and courses with SET.UoA
InsperaDeliver online assignments and exams through Canvas.UoA
H5PH5P allows you to create and share rich online content without needing any technical or coding expertise. Teaching staff can now access H5P through Canvas (as an external tool). UoA
PanoptoPanopto is a platform to create and share accessible video. Accessible because it auto-generates closed captions and transcripts, and students can search for keywords to quickly jump to the relevant chapter.

Teachers can turn recordings into interactive in-video quizzes, reinforcing the learning. There is also an analytics dashboard, providing insights on student engagement.
OneDriveOneDrive LTI can be integrated into Canvas to provide a seamless and efficient file sharing and collaboration experience for teachers and studentsUoA
PerusallPerusall is a social reading tool designed to incentivise students to engage in course readings as part of their assessments. Students can annotate readings, comment on others’ posts, and ask questions.UoA
FeedbackFruitsFeedbackFruits provides a suite of tools designed to enhance student engagement, groupwork, interaction and feedback.UoA
MyLab and Mastering PearsonWith MyLab and Mastering Pearson integration, students to conveniently access eTextbooks, interactive study materials, assessments, and other resources within their Canvas course.UoA

Page updated 18/04/2023

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