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A checklist for teachers when preparing for exams

We hope that you will find this checklist helpful to prepare both yourself and your students.

Prepare yourself

We encourage teachers to familiarise themselves with the following information.

Prepare your students

In addition, you may want to incorporate the following items into your students’ communication to support and facilitate a successful exam experience:

  • Advise students to complete a practise assessment. They can do this by logging into Inspera using their University sign-in, selecting the Demo tests tab, then Demo Test 1. Alternatively, you can create your own mock exam for students or consider converting a Canvas course quiz into an Inspera practise exam so students can experience ‘real-world conditions’.
  • For exams that require learners to submit some answers via a scanned image or photograph (e.g., diagrams, equations, etc.), students need an opportunity to complete a practise exercise beforehand to ensure they are familiar with the technological requirements for uploading images. Further, students should be advised at least two weeks before the exam of any necessary equipment or technology. Examples include pens, paper and access to a digital camera.
  • Ensure that the exam expectations and instructions are clear and unambiguous.
  • Ensure that students understand what is meant by an open-book exam.
  • Provide a space where students can ask questions about the exam process, e.g., allow time in class and/or set up a Canvas Discussion. Questions may relate to aegrotat and compassionate consideration, general questions about exams, and student support during the exam.


Guidelines for use of generative AI tools in exams

The University of Auckland allows for differences in policies on use of artificial intelligence tools across faculties, departments, schools and courses. For this reason, students should follow the instructions set out by their Course Directors. Make sure you communicate expectations to students in a reasonable period prior to the exam:

  • Make it clear whether AI tools are allowed in the exam.
  • If AI tools are allowed, give detailed instructions on how the tool(s) can/cannot be utilised in the exam.


Note: When students log into Inspera to sit their exams, they agree to an academic integrity statement, which includes no unauthorised use of AI.

Page updated 17/05/2024 (added link to study spaces)

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