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How to process student work submitted in te reo Māori

The procedures for assessing your students’ coursework or examination submitted in te reo Māori.

The University is committed to revitalising te reo Māori across the institution, including by supporting its use in assessments and examinations. As we start Semester One, let’s refresh our knowledge about how to support students who wish to be assessed and/or examined in te reo Māori.

You can find the updated procedures for assessing student work submitted in te reo Māori in the Policy Hub. These procedures explain how to apply Te Reo Māori Policy and Principles. Please read them carefully so you are well informed.

Here are some of the key points from the procedures, but please refer to the full documents for more guidance.

The right to use te reo Māori

Students have the right to use te reo Māori in assessments, both coursework and exams, if they have appropriate fluency. Courses taught in te reo Māori will be assessed entirely in te reo Māori. 

When is its use not allowed?

There are specific situations where te reo Māori is not allowed in assessments. This includes courses taught in other languages and courses in which knowledge and understanding in the English language is central to the learning outcomes. 

It takes time to prepare

Students are expected to give a written and timely notice to the course director (or designated person) in their faculty or department about their intention to use te reo Māori in course assessments. This needs to be done by the student as soon as possible, ideally within the first two weeks of the semester, so that the course director (or designated person) has time to find suitable assessors and prepare them accordingly. If notice is given after the first two weeks of the teaching period, assessment tasks presented in te reo Māori will still be marked but processing may be delayed. 

Who can advise me?

For further information on the applying procedures within your faculty or department contact your Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning). For a list of Associate Deans T&L, see faculty representatives who have responsibility for the quality of teaching and learning.

(the Māori Language Advisory Committee) provides advice on using te reo. This committee helps ensure consistent and appropriate use of the language across the University. Although Te Kāhui Mātanga Reo does not have a direct role in teaching and research programmes, it may identify issues for consideration and will advise on assessment and translation services.

Further information on using te reo Māori at the University can also be obtained from the Office of the PVC Māori.

More information

To find out more, including student and assessor responsibilities, please consult the full procedures.

Page updated (minor edit) 27/02/2024

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