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3. Syllabus information

The syllabus provides key course details and sets student expectations. An effective syllabus includes the Digital Course Outline (DCO) and additional components outlined below.

Use this guide to navigate crucial syllabus elements that effectively convey course details, schedules and policies.


The course syllabus page in Canvas communicates information like course structure, schedule, policies, and instructor details to students. It acts as a roadmap for the semester.


Creating a comprehensive syllabus:

  • Sets clear expectations for students
  • Reduces common questions
  • Outlines instructor policies upfront
  • Organises term schedule in one place
  • Ensures a consistent student experience

Implementation checklist

Use the checklist below to track your progress

Key resources

Exploring the Components

Below is a further breakdown of the different parts of this Canvas Baseline Practice. Included are interactive annotated examples.


Use the navigation to work through sections 3.1 – 3.3


Page updated 22/05/2024 (minor edit)

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