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Canvas collaboration tools

Collaboration tools in Canvas allows students to foster teamwork and communication among students and teachers.

Canvas Groups

  • Students can be assigned to groups in different ways:
    • manually assigned by teachers
    • automatically assigned by Canvas
    • allowed to sign up to their preferred groups
  • Students can be assigned to stay working in the same group throughout the whole course, or new group sets can be created for each new activity.
  • Using Groups, students can work collaboratively on shared content by using:
    • Student-created Pages
    • Files
    • Group Announcements
    • Discussions
    • Inbox
  • Create group set and subgroups to divide up marking more efficient.

Video: Canvas tutorial – Canvas Groups

Canvas-integrated collaboration tools

Here are some of plugins that are already integrated into Canvas at University of Auckland:


Google Workspace

The Google Workspace enables students to work together on the Google platform, including Mail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. For more information see our page about Google Workspace.



Canvas Collaborations is accessed via the Canvas menu. If you do not see it in your menu, enable it thorough Settings > Navigation. Collaborations enables you to set up either a shared Google Doc or a Microsoft OneDrive Word document.

Collaborative documents can be shared with up to 50 users. You can also set up group collaborations and assign them their own group document.



Perusall is a social reading platform. Students read and annotate readings in small groups, then comment on each other’s annotations. They can ask and answer questions anonymously. For more information see our page about Perusall.



FeedbackFruits is integrated with Canvas. Its suite of tools encompasses peer feedback, group assignments, interactive video and discussion forums.


Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive LTI App offers a range of features that simplify file sharing and collaboration for teachers and students.


Support options are available through the Staff Service Centre or the 24-hour hotline. Please visit the learning technology support page for details.

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Page updated 07/05/2024 (added Collaborations and OneDrive)

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