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UoA support for navigating Gen-AI

25 May 2023

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

Find out what’s happening centrally to help teachers navigate academic integrity and the use of Gen-AI in coursework, summative assessments and examinations.

Dr Gayle Morris

A message from Dr Gayle Morris, Director Learning and Teaching


Please find an overview of the work that is happening at a university level to support you, and your students in navigating some of the challenges related to academic integrity, considering generative artificial intelligence. I wish to reassure colleagues that confidence in assessment remains the cornerstone of our reputation; certification of our students is of utmost importance, and it remains important that we do it well.

The field however is complex and dynamic. Ultimately our response going forward to the challenges will require us as a community to engage with several questions, from revisiting the purpose of assessment, and to the wider question that speaks to the very purpose of education, the ‘why’.

  1. An Assessment Think Tank with expertise from across the University has been established to provide agile thought leadership, troubleshooting and risk mitigation with respect to some of the emerging challenges.
  2. A secure form has been set up for staff to submit their questions. We are compiling the questions and the responses which will be available on TeachWell using an FAQ format.
  3. Guidance to staff on Gen-AI in exams has been published on TeachWell. This reminder also advises them of an updated Academic Integrity Statement on Inspera.
  4. The Academic Quality Office and Connect are currently testing Turnitin’s Artificial Intelligence detection functionality; preliminary findings to inform any decision to continue are anticipated prior to Semester Two. An important aspect of this work is to ensure that we have appropriate guidelines in place and a comprehensive communication plan for staff and students.
  5. Following the University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee, the Assessment Futures paper will be released for your feedback on 29 June. This is a wide-ranging paper as we look to reframe our assessment practice.
  1. A dedicated webinar was held on 12 June 2023 and we have included the recording here. You can also read the questions (PDF) that were asked during the webinar. This was hosted by the Academic Integrity CoP.
  2. A symposium will be held on Tuesday 11 July 2023 at the University of Auckland Conference Centre. Reserve a spot at: UoA symposium: Gen-AI and Academic Integrity.
  3. Please continue to check out TeachWell for current information regarding forthcoming webinars, professional learning opportunities and resources. Two current Community of Interest/Practice Groups – Academic Integrity and Learning Design – are both very active in this space. Visit TeachWell to self-subscribe to the Learning Design CoI, and to find out more about the Academic Integrity CoP.

Watch the recording of the webinar. Opens in Panopto. University login required.