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Canvas Quiz and Turnitin

Canvas Quiz does not currently integrate with Turnitin for checking for plagiarism. As a workaround, we have developed the following method for Canvas Classic Quizzes which may require some technical expertise.

Step 1

Use Chrome or Firefox to install Tampermonkey. This is a browser extension that will allow you to run special JavaScript code.

Step 2

With the Tampermonkey extension added to your browser, install the JavaScript code that we have developed. This is hosted on GitHub.
Screenshot of Git Hub highlighting the Install button

Step 3

Visit the Canvas page where your Quiz is located. On the right-hand side, click the link: Canvas essay answers download. Wait for the script to compile students’ answers to a zip file.Canvas screenshot highlighting the link Quiz Essay Answers Download


Step 4

Save the zip file to your local computer. Log in to Turnitin and upload it to a new assignment. Wait for Turnitin to produce its similarity report.

If you expect the students’ answers to be short answers, we suggest that you tell Turnitin NOT to ignore quotations, otherwise students may enclose their answers in quotations in order for them to be excluded from the similarity report.
Turnitin screenshot showing the zip file upload screen


Watch instructions on installing and uploading Canvas Classic Quiz essay answers to Turnitin (02:41).

Page updated 12/01/2023

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